Livinbag Compact

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A good backpack is a must for every woman hauling around gadgets, accessories or school supplies. Just like any other great travel buddy, the Livinbag Compact has all the qualities you need the most to accompany you on all your adventures. 

The backpack is comfortable enough to take with you all throughout the day, and it’s light enough to not agonize your back after a few hours. Additionally, it’s stylish, so you’ll feel attractive and self-assured all day long. Because it’s a convertible bag, you can wear it three different ways: as a casual backpack, or a stylish bag with a handle at the top, and lastly as a classy shoulder bag.


 Wear it 3 different ways – The bag can be used as a Backpack, Handbag, or Shoulder Bag
 Anti-Theft – The zipper is located on the inside, so pickpockets have no chance to steal something from the bag. Very convenient during travels!
 Functional and stylish – Not only is this bag comfortable to carry, it also looks great with any outfit!
 Carry everything! - The main compartment is spacious and you can carry various items like an iPad, A4-books, mobile phones, wallets, umbrellas, make-up and much more…
 Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap – which can be extended to 35.4 inches long
 Suitable for all occasions – Whether work, shopping, school, traveling and more…  


As our company does not support animal skin products, we are only using high quality faux leather to produce our products.

Size: 12.2"W x 5.9"W x 11.81"H


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