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Livinbag Cosmetics

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Tired of organizing your cosmetics everyday?
Are you still trying to squeeze all that glam into your tiny makeup pouch?
Is your pouch not big enough to carry all your makeup accessories?
If so, the Spectabag Cosmetic was designed for those like YOU!

The Drawstring Makeup Bag features a revolutionary new & stylish design.
Once you open the drawstring, the bag can lay completely flat within seconds.
From there, you can see all your toiletries and cosmetics, all at once.


 Save Time - This bag's unique design saves you time by allowing you see everything at once.  No more digging, dumping and repacking! 

 Convenience - The Magic Makeup Bag opens up flat and lays everything out right in front of you.  Just open it up, grab what you need and go.

 Two Convenient Zippered Pockets - Features two zippered pockets for small items such as earrings or sharp objects such as razors and scissors.

 Raised Lip Edges - No need to worry about makeup and brushes rolling off your table or counter.  The Magic Makeup Bag has raised edges to keep your items secure when opening your bag flat.

 Large Capacity/Small Footprint- Measures 21 x 21 inches unfolded but folds down for easy carrying. 

 Machine Washable - Cap fell off of your lipstick?  Eyeshadow everywhere?  This amazing bag is stain resistant and completely washable.  Just throw it in the washing machine and you're good to go!